What does it really take to build a business that you are passionate about?

Niraj Naik is a certified pharmacist turned holistic health expert. He founded SOMA Breath - one of the fastest growing wellness communities based around breath work and meditation.

After witnessing clients going home every month with shopping bags full of drugs and going on to suffer more diseases, he created a novel approach to help others break free from the burdens of their illness without medication.

In this episode, Niraj shares the years of ups and downs he had to go through in order to create a business he truly loved.


[01:13] First business was a dance music event

[03:08] Helping people transition out of drugs with shopping lists

[06:00] Got hit by a new illness & found a way out

[11:00] How Niraj manifested one of the fastest growing online communities

[12:19] How Niraj found his way into a business he was passionate about

[16:25] The challenge with creating a passion based business

[21:55] Creating something truly valuable

[23:25] The role psychedelics played in Niraj’s life & the power of SOMA

[30:30] Entrepreneurs should never give up on the big mission

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