Have you ever wondered if blogging is right for you?

Kimberly Gauthier is the founder of Keep the Tail Wagging - a blog about Raw Feeding, Pet Wellness, and life as a crazy dog mom.

She has also published two books on the topic of raw feeding.

In this episode, Kimberly discusses the changing landscape for bloggers today and what to expect.


[01:06] It all started as a hobby

[02:51] The first 30 days for Kimberly and how it differs today

[06:03] How Kimberly keeps the passion alive amidst the challenges

[11:44] How Kimberly manages her time between her blog and her full-time job

[14:48] How communities made an impact on Kimberly’s business

[18:31] What Kimberly recommends to do in 2020

[22:25] How Kimberly monetizes her blog

[27:01] The 1 purchase that made the biggest difference for Kimberly’s blog

[32:01] Treat your blog like a business

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