What does it take to land a slot on national television?

Lauren Greutman is a debt-free life coach, American author, spokeswoman, public speaker, blogger and lifestyle TV personality

She helps women create financial freedom for their families by sharing simple easy ways to take back control of their money, live within their means and create the simpler happier life they’ve always dreamed of.

She's a regular on the Today Show & Rachel Ray Show & she has over 90,000 subscribers on email.

In this episode, Lauren talks about the importance of networking with purpose.


[01:10] Amassed $40,000 in debt while Lauren was 26 and had a 3-yr old son

[03:46] How Lauren started her business with coupon seminars & $300

[08:23] Making the leap to online

[13:16] Working on creating passive income nowadays

[14:28] Why Lauren’s audience buys from her even though they may be in debt

[16:28] How television helped skyrocket Lauren’s business & how Lauren leveraged relationships

[18:18] How Lauren learned to launch physical products

[20:17] What's the first thing you can do if you are in debt

[22:41] Don’t go into debt as an entrepreneur but start quickly

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