What would you do if you pitched your product 100 times and got rejected 100 times?

Shaan Patel has authored eight #1 bestselling SAT and ACT prep books.

He has appeared in 100+ media outlets including Forbes, Huffington Post & USA Today.

Shawn the winner of an investment deal with billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank.

And he's the founder of Prep Expert Test Preparation.

In this episode, Shaan unravels his story of failure as a budding entrepreneur and eventually how he found his way to a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.


[01:19] Shaan’s life growing up in a budget motel

[06:10] How Shaan found a unique way to solve a national student problem

[08:17] How Shaan took his idea to Shark Tank & won

[14:03] What failures Shaan had to face on his way to success

[18:31] The driving force behind Shaan’s success

[21:19] The one book that made the biggest difference in Shaan’s business

[24:37] Shaan’s vision for the future & how he wants to help

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