Mike L. Murphy is an American animation director and animator in film and television.

You may have seen Mike's work in Lord of the Rings, Fast & Furious, Ironman and Harry Potter.

He's also the co-creator of The Visionary Planner - a company that helps you kickstart your online expert business

In this episode, Mike talks about the importance of obtaining skillsets & creating vision in order to get work that you truly enjoy doing.


[01:19] Mike talks about early beginnings and how he felt like he didn’t fit in a box

[06:04] Mike discusses how he started in character animation & how he got to meet his childhood heroes

[10:09] How Mike brought his skillset into entrepreneurship

[16:35] Mike launches a 7-figure business with 7 clients from a mastermind group because of his skillset

[19:12] How to pursue the “right” idea

[30:42] Be heart-centered in the path you choose

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