Ezra Firestone is one of the leading e-commerce experts in the world.

He runs multiple businesses that bring on over $20 million in yearly revenue.

And he’s also the founder of Smart Marketer, a training platform that helps e-commerce businesses owners "serve the world unselfishly & profit”.

In this episode, Ezra talks about enduring hardships and how his incredible mindset helped him get past any obstacle on his way to success.


[01:37] Ezra talks about “barely making it out of high school” & his problem with authority

[04:55] Ezra’s jump into playing poker for a living & how this skill paved a path for entrepreneurship

[13:00] The importance of mindset and how Judo shaped Ezra’s mind

[15:48] Multiple bankruptcies and other hardships Ezra had to endure

[19:24] How Ezra’s failure in school helped him succeed in coaching

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