If you have trouble making money from doing an art form that you love, then you need to listen to this episode.

Ann Rea is a San Francisco based artist and creator of the Making Art Making Money® program

She's on a personal mission to destroy the myth of the “starving artist.” 

She mentors artists from around the globe, including; painters, jewelry designers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, and mixed media artists

In this episode, Ann dives into her up-and-down journey on her path of becoming a recognized artist. 


[01:39] Ann’s early determination to become an artist

[05:00] The moment when Ann realized that she had to carve her own path

[13:05] The secret Ann found to removing her creative blocks

[16:40] The most significant win Ann had and how it effected her

[21:34] Ann’s struggle with finding mentors & how it drives her to do what she does today

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